Sicily has always been a privileged destination for its strategic position, since the Paleolithic. After the Sicani from Iberia, the Elimi from Libya and the Sicilians from the continent, from 735 BC They are the first Greek settlers to the island and to cause the withdrawal of the Phoenicians from western Sicily. In 265 BC The Romans arrive in Messina. Under their rule, Sicily is divided into provinces and become the granary of the empire. After the goto-Byzantine war of A.D. 552, the island was incorporated into the Roman Empire of the East Province as a peripheral to the IX century.


827 starts the Arab invasion of Sicily: Mazara del Vallo up to Taormina. From here begins a flourishing period for the island, which will lead Palermo to become the capital of the Emirate Kalibi. While in the area of ​​Val di Noto and Val Demone it stays still the greek-Latin civilization. Since 1061 are the Normans to conquer Sicily: Roger de Hauteville was crowned King of Puglia, Calabria and Sicily. The Swabian family will find his heir in Frederick II, son of Henry VI and Costanza d'Altavilla. The successor to the throne Manfredi leaves in place the winner Charles of Anjou. Sicily faces an economic crisis, while the power passed into the hands of the barons up to 1500. In 1415 Spanish rule makes the island vice-kingdom, but a development than in the past.



It was not until the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 to put an end to the Spanish kingdom, succeeded by that of Savoy. It Ferdinand IV of Bourbon king of Naples to join the two Sicilies and finally to abolish the feudal privileges in 1812. By the fall of 1848 revolutions the Bourbon government, defeated in 1860 in Calatafimi by Garibaldi.

In 1894 it is also defeated the Sicilian Fasci through Crispi head of government. After these events begin Sicilian migrations to America, because of the great economic crisis. Sicily becomes in 1948 Italian Autonomous Region in full socio-economic crisis. Sicily today shines through tourism, cultural heritage and the agrifood industry. source text esplorasicilia.com







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